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Symptoms of selenium deficiency in the body are 10 signs you should not ignore

You should watch out for the symptoms of selenium deficiency if they seem on your body to not harm your body and your health. Selenium is one among the minerals that are naturally found within the body, and it’s wont to help the body’s cells to figure at maximum efficiency, and selenium works with enzymes and helps to supply antioxidants which will prevent cancer, and therefore the amount of selenium within the body must be balanced as that prime levels of selenium or low levels of selenium can cause many health problems, including death, and during this article, we’ll inform you a number of the symptoms of deficiency of selenium within the body that ought to not be ignored and brought under consideration to avoid exposure to serious side effects.

Recommended daily amount of selenium:
Men and ladies need 55 micrograms each day of selenium, and selenium may be a trace mineral.
Pregnant women need 60 micrograms of selenium per day while breastfeeding women need 70 micrograms of selenium per day.
You can get the daily amount of selenium that the body needs from a diet that contains foods rich in selenium.
Symptoms of selenium deficiency
1- Hair loss:
One of the foremost important functions that selenium performs is to convert hormone T4 into the more active form T3, and when selenium is deficient within the body, T3 decreases and you develop hypothyroidism, which results in hair loss.

2- The constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue:
The lack of selenium levels within the body results in hypothyroidism, which increases the sensation of constant fatigue, fatigue, and inability to accomplish your daily tasks.

3 – increase body weight:
Hypothyroidism caused by low levels of selenium within the body results in a rise in weight because it slows down the speed of metabolism and therefore the burning of fats within the body.

4- Failure of the body to perform its functions in the best way:
The mineral selenium is important for the formation of selenium proteins, including peroxidase, and this is often one of the most ways for the body to require harmful toxins and convert them into harmless byproducts, therefore the lack of selenium within the body results in the buildup of poisons within the body, which affects the functions of the body’s organs.

5- High risk of developing cancer:
Studies have shown that balanced levels of selenium within the body reduce the danger of developing some sorts of cancer by 31%, including stomach, bladder, and prostatic adenocarcinoma.

Therefore, it’s essential to take care of optimal levels of selenium within the body by consuming food sources rich in the mineral selenium like asparagus, broccoli, and mushrooms.

6- Feeling sick and tired all the time:
The low levels of selenium within the body affect the body’s ability to supply peroxidase adequately, which results in a weakening of the system within the body, which causes you to susceptible to frequent diseases and infections.

7- Feeling in need of breath:
Studies have shown that low levels of selenium within the blood cause feelings of inability to breathe easily, and it also increases the danger of heart condition.

8- Feeling more nervous and constant stress:
The mineral selenium may be a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from the danger of free radicals and reduce the incidence of many diseases, and it also prevents the method of oxidative stress that causes damage to all or any parts of the body, and thus the deficiency of the mineral selenium causes a permanent feeling of stress and tension.

9- Infection with Kashin-Beck disease:
Kachin Beck disease is one of the most consequences of a deficiency of the mineral selenium and iodine within the body, and there are some symptoms of this disease which include atrophy, necrosis (death of cells) or atrophy of cartilage tissue, which results in disproportionate growth or stunted growth.

10- Infection with Keshan’s disease:
Serious Kishan disease could also be one among the signs of a scarcity of selenium within the body, and this disease is usually fatal because it affects children and pregnant women, and this disease has many serious symptoms like a coronary failure and lung edema, and Kishan disease makes the body susceptible to disease.

Metal Selenium Supplements:
You should consult your doctor before beginning to take selenium supplements to work out the acceptable dose for you and your condition so that you are doing not suffer from any complications and dangerous side effects.

The recommended safe dose of a dietary supplement for selenium is 100 micrograms per day.
Food sources of the mineral selenium:
If you suffer from a deficiency of selenium within the body, you’ll not get to take a dietary supplement of selenium. you’ll get the recommended daily amount of selenium from sources rich within the mineral selenium, which include the following:

Seafood like tuna, about, and sardines are among the simplest food sources rich in selenium.
Whole wheat bread
Brazil nuts (they are one among the simplest food sources rich within the mineral selenium, as each ounce of them provides the body with quite 700% of the recommended daily value of the mineral selenium).

You should concentrate on any of those symptoms once they appear and consult your doctor. If the most explanation for these symptoms may be a lack of selenium within the body, you ought to take selenium supplements or catch on from foods rich in the mineral selenium and add it to your diet.

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